NaFF INSIGHTS Interviews Worm’s Director

NaFF INSIGHTS was kind enough to do a brief interview with Worm’s director before the film’s premiere at the Nashville Film Festival.

In the interview they discussed why the Untrademarked crew were so excited to have their premiere at the festival, as well as their plans while attending.

“NaFF has always put a heavy focus on local films and filmmakers. Every year there are two short film blocks featuring Tennessee films and this year there are a number of Nashville-based features as well. Doug Mallett[e] directed a short film a couple of years ago entitled Worm (which screened at the 2012 NaaFF).  After the film’s completion, the filmmakers felt there was more story to tell, so they spent a year and a half of nights and weekends developing the film into a feature that’s part comedy, part drama, and part science fiction. Doug was ecstatic to have his World Premiere of Worm at NaFF this year.”

Thanks to Stephen Lackey for taking the time to conduct the interview.  Follow the link below to read the full article.